Monday, May 17, 2010

(Three primaries tomorrow in Kentucky, Arkansas and Pennsylvania will offer insight on just how mad voters are with incumbents this year. )
Sen. Arlen Spector may pull out a squeaker.
The Phil. Dem. machine may save him; and Gov. Rendall’s machine may also help.
Spector is part of the inner club of the Senate, and is respected. But he is a Republican.
Even if Spector loses, he may do a Liberman and run as an independent. It would depend on the money. In any case, the Dems. should hold this Senate seat in Nov.
I don’t know about Sen.Lincoln in Ark. She has served two terms in the Senate, but seems to have left few footprints there.
I saw cable Fox’s special on these elections, and it included clips on Michelle Bachman’s rally in Minnesota,with Sara Palin.
With Bachman, how could such an attractive lady have such adhorrent political views

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