Sunday, May 2, 2010

The White House Correspondents dinner

The WH Correspondents Dinner

It was Mayor Bloomberg’s night.
He was there, of course.
And his Bloomberg News top honchos were in charge.
I’m not sure the POTUS enjoyed sitting between them during dinner.
How do you make small talk to these money gurus?
I thought the POTUS’s monologue was weak..few really strong jabs.
The Politico slides were not funny.
Leno’s gig was also weak. Most of his jokes didn’t work. He read off index cards, as though his writers stuck them in his pocket during dinner. The writers had months to prepare.
If you want to see a funny gig, go to CSpan’s streaming of VP Biden’s monologue at the March 17th Radio and TV correspondents dinner.
None of Leno’s cards matched Wanda Sykes topper last year:
“Whenever my daughter sees two cars, one with a stranger and another with Dick Cheney, I tell her to always get in the one with the stranger.”
Both Leno and the POTUS could have used some old, after-dinner humor by Adali Stevenson and Fred Allen.
Allen got up first, and as always, brought down the house.
Gov. Stevenson followed, and told the audience: “I met Fred in the hallway before dinner, and he told me he had no speech prepared. So, I gave him mine. You just heard it.” The Gov. then sat down.
I posted yesterday that Bill Maher should have been the comic meister.
He actually was there, with Adrianna Huffington as his date. These two seem to have some strange karma.
Joe Scarborough and Mika Brez. were there..they seem also to have some strange karma.
They both have evolved into sometimes narcissistic talkingheads.
I’m glad the IMan is starting to take Scarborough’s overdue.

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