Monday, May 10, 2010

Carl Palidino wants to be governor

Let’s say Mr. Paladino becomes governor, and I say that with a grin.
Let’s say he cuts taxes 10%, and spending 20%, He will still have multi-year deficits of $10-20 billion per year.
Let this strange man explain how he will deal with that.
Let him also explain how he will cut 20%..where, what programs?

He is fighting the “liberal elites”!! Where are these elites? In the NYC media? Andrew Cuomo? But Cuomo will not run as a traditional liberal..he won’t even classify himself as a liberal, much to his father’s chagrin.

He wants Tea Party support.
In short, Paladino wants the NYS GOP to be very rightwing..further to the right than the Buckleys wanted to move it. He wants to purge any Rockefeller elements from the party. How sad!!
On Saturday, the Utah rightwingers purged long-time conservative Sen. Robert Bennett. The Utah teabaggers want a pure,hard right candidate.
The Florida teabaggers forced Gov. Christie out of the GOP.
The Arizona teabaggers want to purge McCain.
The Penn. teabaggers forced Sen.Spector out of the GOP.
I say bring it on. What could be better for the Dems. than to have an extreme GOP candidate.

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