Friday, May 14, 2010

Casey Anthony and the death penalty

Casey Anthony and the death penalty

“..and as far as Casey is concerned, this PIG is crying for one reason, because she finally has realized that she will never again slide down a pole at Fusions, but instead will spend the next 50 years in a 10 by 10 cell like the animal that she really is. Unless of course she has a date with good old SPARKY .Fry the PIG…”
Post in Orlando Sentinel

Florida is a glorious state in its’ natural attributes…the miles of pristine coastline, the Keys, the Everglades. For Northern retirees, it has been labeled God’s waiting room.

It also has elements of dark barbarism.

It has the death penalty, one of 37 states.

The death penalty is barbaric, and the reasons are well known:

“It is not a deterrent; is unfair,irreversible,barbarous,unjustified retribution, very expensive; and is inhumane and anachronistic..” (ACLU).

Local prosecutors in Orlando, with the approval of the state’s AG, are asking for the death penalty against “tot mom”, Casey Anthony.

Last week, her death-penalty expert lawyer, Andrea Lyon, argued that the death penalty can also be gender bias, against young single women.

The current local judge, Belvin Perry, listened, and asked the prosecutors if they had gender bias. After hearing their denial, Perry immediately rejected the defense motion. IMMEDIATELY, not taking a week to decide.

Lyon then asked the prosecutors to reveal their “aggravating factors” for seeking the dealth penalty. Florida, in its’ humane justice system, has 15 factors (that’s 15) that could be used to press for the death penalty.

Judge Perry looked at the prosecutors and said (paraphrasing): “You want to put this 23-year old to death, but, golly, you haven’t told us what factors you’re using. Give us that within 10 days..”

The next day, the prosecutors revealed their 5 factors: aggravated child abuse; heinous,atrocious or cruel crime; it was cold, calculated and premeditated; the child, Caylee, was under 12; and was in family custody at the time.

Judge Perry wants to move the trial outside Orlando, and sequester the jury, for 4-8 weeks likely. The strange Judge believes unbiased jurers can be picked in a week.

Anthony’s lawyers laughed.

You’ve got to find jurers who have no opinion on the case; never watched Nancy Grace ; and believe in the death penalty. That’s one heck of an assignment.
I carry no water for Casey Anthony. The whole case is tragic; and the judicial events are a travesty.

I’ve long assumed it was an accident that was covered up by this 22-yr. old immature girl.

But she does not deserve the death penalty; and the State of Florida should be ashamed

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