Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's all fuddle duddle

It’s all fuddle duddle
Gov. Paterson locks his Lieutenant Governor Ravitch out of budget talks, rejecting his realistic proposal to borrow $2 billion to balance the budget.
Instead, the Gov. pushes employee furloughs..
It’s all fuddle duddle.
The Gov. has no power or credibility.
The Legislature votes for the furloughs in order to keep the government operating.
It’s all fuddle duddle.
The legislature should have allowed the State to close down. Then the leaders would get serious about a budget.
New York is now “Californiaized”. Paterson is our Arnold….a lameduck, politically impotent shell of a leader.
There needs to be transformational leadership in Albany.
It’s not Paladino.
He’s a wild and crazy guy, full of duddle duddle.
He wants to cut taxes by 10%, and spending by 20%.
Is it only state taxes he wants to cut, or local school taxes?
20% cut in spending is $30 billion. How’s he going to do that?
It’s all fuddle duddle.
Lazio is a Wall Street lackey. There is nothing transformational about him.
His campaign is all fuddle duddle.
Mayor Koch wants non-partisan reapportionment. It’s a good issue, but won’t happen.
His lobbying on this issue is all fuddle duddle.
I liked Mario Cuomo. I liked his intellectualism, his Jesuit method of thinking, and his Catholic social liberalism.
He always reminded me of Canada’s Pierre Trudeau, who had all the above traits.
Mario could never campaign wearing a red rose. It was never his style.
Is his son a transformational leader?
We will find out soon.
Andrew could easily wear a red rose during the coming campa

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