Friday, May 24, 2013

Arias Jury Gives Up After No Consensus)

(Arias Jury Gives Up After No Consensus)
I carry no water for Jodi Arias, in the bizarre Arizona murder trial.
She has been found guilty; and the same jury was hung on whether to impose the death penalty or life. The jury has been dismissed.
I'm opposed to the death penalty, period. There is no wobbling on this.
And because of this, I would never have been chosen to be on the jury.
The two alternatives now are to 1) appoint a new jury and conduct a mini-trial before it goes to decide on the penalty (which could take months); or 2)the judge could get the prosecutors to agree to forgo the death penalty; and the judge could unilaterally impose life w/o parole or life, with parole after 25 yrs.
I favor the second option.
I know the wackjob HLN Nancy Grace will oppose the second option.
Like the Casey Anthony trial, Grace wants the death penalty for Arias; and would like to broadcast her death on her show.
Some will joke that Arias already has had a death penalty, being under the control of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for over 4 years.

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