Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mary Matalin spews her sludge, her venom.

(...MATALIN: No absolutely. Yes here's what changed, it exploded the NRA
membership, it exploded gun purchasing. I became a lifetime member this
week. Bought a pistol, can't find ammo anywhere --


MATALIN: This is, the intensity gap, I did manage to find some because I live in --


MATALIN: The intensity gap for the people who support the Second
Amendment, this is bigger than guns. And the despicable exploition
(sic) of the grief of these victims with legislation that would not have
stopped or thwarted any of these tragedies is a real commentary on our ..."


This is Mary Matalin, the GOP guru and wife of Dem. guru James Carville on this morning's This Week with George Steph.

First, George Steph. refers to the weekly panel as the "powerhouse roundtable".

Power is a misnomer here.

Power is hard to define; it is elusive; ephemeral; and should be applied to those who really have the ability to make other people do certain things; take certain actions.

The jibber jabbers on this show have media power for a few minutes once a week; are watched by the political cognoscenti; but otherwise have no grassroots mass following that translates into real power.

Matalin spewed her sludge this morning, stating that the Newtown parents who lost a child are being exploited.


They have lost a child, and are active in trying to prevent a Newtown from happening again.

Nobody is exploiting them; no one is forcing any of them to do anything against their will.

Matalin said she became a lifelong member of the NRA; bought a handgun; and couldn't find ammunition for the gun.

If Carville spouts his Dem. yada yada too much at home, he should be grateful that Matalin couldn't buy ammo.

Matalin's comments this morning "brought new depth to the meaning of shallow."

She apparently acted quickly to buy a handgun in order to avoid a state or federal background check.

She likely would not pass this check, for mental health reasons.

Matalin's comments re the Newtown parents were shameful.

Yes, a background check would not have prevented Lanza's rampage....he used his mother's arsenal.

But other safeguards could have deterred this tragedy:

:A tech. gun lock that would have locked the mother's guns; and would have to be used if she was to be able to purchase and use her guns.

:A limit on how many rounds can be fired in a quick, short period of short, smaller mag. capacity.

You can watch Matalin spew her venom; and be afraid that this woman has any type of influence or power.

The you can watch the so called exploited Newtown parents, especially the articulate Francine and David Wheeler who lost their 6 yr. old Danny in the shooting.

They appeared on Bill Moyers and Co. this weekend.

This show is what the power of love is all about.

Francine is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Wouldn't be super to have George Steph have both Francine and Mary Matalin side by side at his roundtable?

The links below can be used to watch the Wheelers, and Peter Yarrow, on Bill Moyers.

And the second link is a youtube of Francine and Dar Williams singing Family at the Feb. memorial concert in Newtown.


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