Monday, May 13, 2013

Hillary Clinton and the right-wing attack squads.

Hillary Clinton and the right-wing attack squads.
The loudmouth US Sen. Rand Paul took to the Senate floor last week and declared that Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be POTUS because of the Benghazi affair.
Karl Rove is already running anti-Hillary 2016 ads in Nevada.
The right-wing attack squads have their poisonous weapons poised to attack Hillary from now through 2015.
The supermarket scandal rag National Enquirer apparently has an anti-Hilllary and anti-Clinton agenda.
Week after week the rag has a cover story on Bill’s immanent death; and Hillary’s personal secrets.
It’s as though the publishers are the Koch brothers…perhaps they do own the rag.
This week’s Enquirer has the cover story of Hillary’s $25 million “tell-all” book scheduled for next year.
And the rag tells us that Hillary will reveal her “lesbian lovers.”
I was at the supermarket checkout; picked up this rag; and skimmed the story.
Hillary will reveal her lesbian affairs!!!
I dropped the rag; fell to the floor in convulsive laughter; and lost my place in the checkout.
Hillary will reveal her lesbian affairs???
Right, and I have that bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you at a fabulous cut rate price.

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