Friday, May 17, 2013

RANDI WEINGARTEN AND KERRY KENNEDY have a good op.ed. in this morning’s Albany Times-Union..

RANDI WEINGARTEN AND KERRY KENNEDY have a good op.ed. in this morning’s Albany Times-Union..
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They are asking for support for the New York to pass”the Farm
Workers’ Fair Labor Practices Act, a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman
Catherine Nolan and State Sen. Adriano Espaillat currently under
consideration by the state Legislature.”
The issue is clear that farm worker’s have very little labor law
protections; and this law should be supported by the legislature and
Gov. Cuomo.
It also should be given support in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of RFK’s assassination.
Next month is the 45th anniversary of RFK’s assassination.
Would he have gotten the nomination, taking it from Hubert Humphrey?
Likely, as Mayor Daley would have likely moved to RFK and brought along other big state Dem. leaders.
Would he have won in the contest between Nixon, and Wallace?
More than likely!
He would have taken a good percentage of the Wallace white working class vote, enough to beat Nixon.
Would he have been a good President?
This is the great historical conundrum!
He surely would have been an active Pres.; what political scientist James Barber labeled an active-postive President.
The Nam war would have ended at least 4 years sooner than it did under Nixon, through negotiations with the North Vietnamese.
To speculate further on a RFK Presidency is academic; good armchair ruminating on what might have been.
There would not have been Watergate, which was in reality a
continuation of the cover-up of the JFK assassination…..many of the same
actors (anti-Castro renegades; CIA spooks (i.e. E.Howard Hunt), and the
Lamar Waldron thesis that Nixon was searching the Watergate for the
files on the Bay of Pigs, CIA Castro assassination history, and the JFK
RFK would also have persued the conspirators in his brother’s murder.
All this is speculative ruminating.
This has been very little discussion of the RFK murder and the coming 45th anniversary.
And that is likely what Kerry Kennedy, and the Kennedy family desires.
But the RFK assassination was a conspiracy in the Ambassador.
And Sirhan, still alive in prison, should be granted a new trial.

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