Thursday, May 23, 2013

The NY Post’s cartoonist Sean Delonas usually draws scurrilous, right-wing cartoons.

Cartoonists have a right to do that.
With Delonas, you can often lift a heavy rock and you will find samples of his dark humor.
Today’s cartoon (linked below) juxtaposes the Okl. twister with the GOP-inspired faux Obama scandals.
One can initially laugh, but the point of the cartoon is to further the Joe McCarthyite GOP attacks against Obama.
The Benghazi issue is, as Obama said, “there is no there there.”
And it now appears that then CIA director David H. Petraeus had the major role in revising, developing the original talking points.
The Benghazi affair was a bureaucratic turf war between CIA and State; and the goal of any bureaucracy is survival and protection of its’ image.
The hypocrisy here is that the Bush 2 administration had at least 13 US embassy attacks throughout the world.

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