Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charters,inequality, and politics

The data shows that charters are, in general, successful in reading,math and science indices.And NYS should increase the cap on these public funded,privately run, schools.The feds. would likely look favorably on this; and the state could really compete in the Race to the Top $700 million funding.Charters do, however, tend to cherry pick.There are too many applicants; and the cherry picking leaves the more difficult-to-learn students in the underachieving public schools.I favor charters, and I say lift the ceiling on them.The future of public schools are in limbo.Many are failures, and should be closed.In almost all states, the fiscal crisis is creating a crisis in the public school systems.There will be major changes in our centralized,public school systems.As my friend, writer, and social critic James Howard Kunstler suggests in The Long Emergency, all our central systems will unravel as we move into the end of oil period.The oil heavey yellow school buses, for one, will no longer be viable.Small schools, home schooling, are the future.

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