Tuesday, April 27, 2010

State Sen. Kevin Parker's tirade

I went to the 20 minute mark here on this video, and listened to Parker’s titrade.
Sen. Kruger seemed to be sitting there, a little man, with a gavel he doesn’t know how to use.
And Kruger is the leader we’re looking for to pass a budget?
Parker is a schoolyard bully, using street terror tactics.
Where was the Capitol security to pick Parker up, and throw him out of the hearing?
Parker allegedly was wearing a red tie, and matching hankerchief.
I posted on that earlier.
Actually, Parker apparently was weaned on the worse hip hop music…the genre that has promoted violence and degradation of women.
I may be 150 yrs,but if I was at the hearing, I would have gone to Parker, grapped him by his red tie, stuffed his red hankie into his mouth, and physically kicked him out of the room.
As I quoted Dr. Taylor Harmon earlier, the color we like determines our personality type.
In his book, The Color Code, Harmon describes the Reds’ obession with power:
“Reds want their own way. .when they have gotten their way for too long, Reds find it almost impossible to relinquish their power and freedom when they meet authorities in society who refuse to grant them the total control they demand..” p.45.

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