Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sen. Espada, we're almost over you

‘I saw an old friend of our’s today
We asked about him, but didn’t quite know what to say
heard youv’e been making the rounds ’round here
while w’ve been trying to make you disapear

Now we’re almost over you
we’ve almost shook these blues
so when you come back around
after painting the town
you’ll see we’re almost over you…

you’re such a sly one with a cold cold heart
maybe leavin came easy, but it tore us apart
time heals all wounds they say and we should know
coz it seems like forever,
but we’re letting you go..”
Dedicated to Sen. Padro Espada, and adopted from Sheena Easton’s Almost Over You
Today is Sheena’s 51st birthday.
Ah, yes, Sheena. Being 150 years old myself, I barely remember the great 50.
Remember, ms. easton, whereever you are, age is just a number, and you should keep your number unlisted.

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