Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the first post yesterday on ny senator kevin parker

Sen.Parker was wearing a matching red tie and hankerchief.
It’s a nice touch.
When I used to wear ties and jackets, I had a multi-colored hankerchief that I could use on any color tie and shirt. The multi-color is so cool, as it can be adjusted for any coordinated tie. Now, being 150 yrs. old, I not only don’t wear ties, but I use the colored hanki. to wipe up the dribble.
Hopefully that tie of yours is the multi-type.
According to Taylor Hartman,Ph.D., in The Color Code, red is the power color.
Although it could be psychobabble, you could be on a power trip.
Keep it in check. You seem to have a propensity for violent talk and action.
Anyone could easily get a negative impression of the NY Senate.
By the way., doesn’t Sen. Espada wear coordinated ties and hankies.?
Not that there is anything wrong with you doing it.
As long as you are the “master of your domaine”.

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