Friday, April 23, 2010

Sen. Espada and the power addiction

The good Sen. Espada is spinning….spinning legal gossamer.
How does Espada’s coup shaniganians help Cuomo?
Is Espada for real, asking the AG for his personal (AG’s) cell phone and email records.
Did the AG use his cell phone to call senators to encourage a coup?
This is silly season.
The coups did show Espada’s drive for power…an obsession if you will.
The added perquistes that came with majority leader allowed him to put many of the Soundview relatives on the Senate payroll.
It’s likely that many of these relatives are no-shows in the Senate.
Espada’s health clinics should be put into receiverships…so that the Bronx residents can continue health care.
Espada should resign, and get help for his power addiction.
Can power be an addiction? Yes, it can provide a high.
As the good Senator resigns, and drives back to a luxurious mansion in Westchester County., he can stop at a Motel 6, and order sushi.
As Tom Boddett says, the Motel 6 will leave a light on for him.


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