Friday, April 23, 2010


As a traditional liberal and progressive,I believe it is always good to pay attention to what the rightwingnuts are up to.
Jason Mattera is one to watch and read.
In his tirade, Obama Zombies, he argues that Obama captured the independent millenials in 2008 because of the social network tech. revolution…i.e face book.
He wants the rightwing to “shake ,rattle and roll the Obama zombies”.
He wants them to do what “their liberal lobotomies have prevented them from doing and thinking..”
He wants them to take out their IPod earplugs, and go back to basics, fiscal sanity, get a job,make money and be happy.and use the Twitter technology to reverse the Obama brainwashing.
Mattera is correct that Obama captured the 18-29 millenials in 2008; and many of them are now disaffected.
But his remedies are flawed.
Obama and the White House need to become more progressive and liberal..more transforming in action, as well as rhetoric.

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