Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“..Of course Hillary Clinton’s stratospheric approval ratings demand a
cologne all her own. It should be a symphony of spices and flowers from
the different continents she visited as secretary of state, a bouquet of
international ambition, with a moniker to match. All our diplomats will
wear Beyond Borders, or they’ll wear nothing at all…”
Bruni’s column today is funny LOL.
It allows us to escape the often depressing news coming out of Wash.
Yes, perhaps the Wash. politicos should market their own cologne/perfume.
In one of my previous lives, a Dean of Students at a private business school gathered the new class of male students.
His dictum to us was that the one rule we could not violate was wearing Old Spice.
Before classes, I would splash on the Old Spice and walk by his office.
This Old Spice rule likely planted the seed that germinated in my life long anti-authority ethos.
And now that Hillary has been highlighted, the NY Post’s cartoonist Sean Delonas has Hillary walking into St. Peter’s Basilica and telling the Cardinal conclave “I’m available.”
It’s a good one, although Delonas usually visits the dark side.
Some of the NYC politicos are promoting Cardinal Dolan as the best choice for the next Pope.
It’s what they have to say, but it will not happen.
The US Church is waist deep in the big muddy of the child sex scandals; and there will be little support among the Cardinal conclave to go that way.

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