Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blogger response to Rahm blog.

Rza gecannonphd an hour ago

You do realize Chicago has a gun ban, correct? So how is gun disarmament going to work?
Chicago has a much bigger problem than guns, but you're white liberal who lives in Saratoga so I wouldn't expect you to understand.
gecannonphd Rza 3 minutes ago

The acerbic Algonquin Roundtable wit, Dorothy Parker , always complained that she was ill with the "frankies" illness that forced her be as frank as possible with her comments about others.
Rza, you seem to be afflicted with the same "frankies" illness.
I'm white, and live in the great historical city of Saratoga Springs, and would describe myself as a progressive/populist, with liberal and libertarian tendencies.
Chicago's gun ban is a flap-doodle exercise in failure.
Mr. Rahm needs to disarm the kids in the city.
Institute a NYC-type pre-emptive policing, stop-and-frisk, policy in the high crime neighborhoods.
If Chicago doesn't have this policy, Rahm should do it.

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