Friday, February 15, 2013

Hegel and the neo-con. swamp people.

(The U.S. Senate blocked Chuck Hagel’s nomination as secretary of defense. (NYT))
Harry Reid apparently can’t count.
60 votes were needed to end the filibuster, or what’s called cloture.
The vote was 58-40.
There’s alot of deep politics involved in this shameful exercise.
The Dems. have to get 60 votes in order to bring Hagel’s nomination to the floor.
The neo-con trifecta on the Armed Services Cmt. (McCain, Lindsey Graham, and NH’s Kelly Ayotte) are opposed to Hegel because he may be opposed to another US war in a Muslim country..i.e. Iran.
And Kelly Ayotte is such a delicate flower.
What is she doing dwelling with the neo-con. swamp people?

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