Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(The New York Post suggested New York could learn from Texas’ budget. (NYP)) *********** (…Today, Austin is back in the black and has a $12 billion rainy-day fund to boot. As Perry put it the other day, “Our bank balance is healthy, our economy is growing, our future is limitless.” Would that a New York governor were in a position to say the same. You don’t have to wear a 10-gallon hat to know that a state that taxes citizens lightly and makes it easy for folks to do business will prosper. Then again, comparing Albany to Austin, maybe New York could use a few cowboys…) NY Post editorial ********* The Murdoch Post is very conservative; and this editorial is not a surprise. Texas has no personal income tax, but it has generally high state/local sales taxes. The former is always considered more progressive (depending on the number of tax levels), while the latter, sales, takes a higher % from the middle and lower income segments.

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