Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rahm Emanuel for POTUS? Wouldn't that be a slippery slope to Dem. nihilism?

(Rahm Emanuel for president? (WP))
Once Rahm gets the Chicago streets under control, through gun disarmament, then he can consider a POTUS race.
All of us need a breather from 2016 POTUS speculation.
If one considers all the unresolved, outstanding, issues our country faces, 2016 POTUS discussion is far down the list.
The Wash.Post list of the top ten Dem. potentials for 2016 is certainly interesting, but it’s armchair speculation.
Kirsten Gillibrand is at #8.
Has anyone else, anywhere, put our junior Senator on a 2016 POTUS list?
A female POTUS will be reality soon..but Kirsten?
The list also has Mass. liberal icon Senator Eliz. Warren on the list, #10.
Hm, interesting.
This blogger likes her, respects her, but POTUS?
How about VP in 2016.
Gov. Cuomo is #3.
He has pivoted to the left on social issues, but one POTUS wannabe from the great state of NY is enough for the nation.
You cannot have Andrew and Kristen both running, or both on a national ticket.
Hillary is #1.
She would like to be POTUS, but she is not likely going to go through the extended primary/caucus circus.
She’ll accept a crowning by the Dem. establishment.
The Post has VP Biden at #2.
Why not?
He’ll be 74 in 2016, but the 70ies are now the new normal 60ies, or 50ies.
And the rumor is that he has bottles of my home town, Saratoga Springs, mineral water shipped to his house.
The Saratoga springs can make a 150 yr. old run for POTUS, even entering the Iowa caucuses.

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