Monday, February 11, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham, reincarnation, and Shirley MacLaine

Senator Lindsey Graham, reincarnation, and Shirley MacLaine,
Hollywood’s Shirley MacLaine believes in reincarnation, believing that we live many lives; and that those random episodes of “Déjà vu” are proof of previous lives.
Buddhists believe in a form of reincarnation:
“We can learn a valuable lesson from the teaching of reincarnation.
In what realm do you now live? If you are hungry for power, love, and self-recognition, you live in the Preta world, or hungry ghosts. If you are motivated only by thirsts of the human organism, you are existing in the world of the beast.
Consider well then your motives and intentions. Remember that man is characteristically placed at the midpoint of the ten stages; he can either lower himself abruptly or gradually into hell or through discipline, cultivation and the awakening of faith rise to the Enlightened state of the Buddha.”
Living a sinful life can guarantee a future new life as a lower form of animal.
While I may be misinterpreting the Buddhist belief, I’m a skeptic, or perhaps an agnostic, on reincarnation.
But South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham gives me pause.
He is threatening to apply esoteric Senate rules to hold up the Hagel and Brennan nominations.
For those political historians, political junkies, it is easy to believe that Graham has lived a former life, and it was the powerful North Carolina US Senator Jesse Helms.
One of Helms’ claim to glory was holding up POTUS nominations that he believed were insufficient anti-communist.
Sen. Lindsey, like McCain, are neo-con militarists.
To them, Hagel and Brennan are too soft, too unreliable in their foreign policy beliefs.
This blogger does support moving control of drones out of the CIA, and over to the Pentagon.

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