Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dick Cheney is alive and well.

Dick Cheney is alive and well.
After he was shot, POTUS Ronald Reagan joked to the operating Dr. “I hope you’re a Republican”.
Dick Cheney seldom displays a sense of humor, but we can imagine him telling the heart transplant Drs. “I would like, if you please, the heart of an unrepentant neo-conservative.”
In this morning’s interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose, Cheney looked in fairly good health.
God bless him!
In appears that his new neo-con heart is functioning well, allowing him to enter the political battles in Wash.
He believes Hagel, Brennan and likely Kerry are “second rate”, weak national security appointees.
And he blames the POTUS.
As Cheney declared to Rose, “The POTUS lives in a very big house; and earns lots of money.”
But to Cheney, Obama is weak on national security.
The former VP, with the new strong neo-con heart, believes Hagel will hesitate to put ground troops in another Muslim country; display caution on attacking Iran; and will support major cuts in the bloated Defense budget.
God bless Hagel is he does all of this.
Cheney should really sell his Halliburton stock; take a lo

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