Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.
Properly, there will be increased discussion, cable movies on this  important event.
The JFK assassination is a cold case that should be of interest to all us.
It's important to understand why he died; and why his death should still resonate.

Fox's Bill O'Reilly's Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot has been in the top five book sellors for months.
People are reading this book; and many, unfortunately,  are accepting the premises that O'Reilly promotes.

O'Reilly states that the book is to make "history fun to read".
His Killing Kennedy also a dangerous distortion that  misleads, misinforms millions on the JFK murder.

The first half of the book covers the personal life of the Kennedys; and a  cursory  review of the events of the JFK administration.

Much of this portion of the book not only attempts to make "history fun", but also reads like a cheap romance paperback.

O'Reilly recounts the adulterous affairs of JFK, an account that most of us already are familiar with.

But to serious students of the JFK assassination, their are likely only 4 women that should be considered important.

First, of course, is Jackie.
Jackie was 32 when sitting in the Dallas limo., and watched as JFK's head was brutally destroyed.
For that reason alone, Jackie is an important woman.

But she was also an enigma.
In recent interviews with Jackie released by Caroline and the Kennedys, Jackie states that she believed that LBJ was behind (the plotter) the murder of JFK.
But yet, in the LBJ White House tapes, LBJ and Jackie, post-assassination, sound like they are engaged in phone sex...very romantic talk.

The second woman is Marilyn Monroe.
Celebrity writer Darwin Porter , in his new biography of MM, actually tells us who the Chicago Mob Giacana killers of MM were, including photos of the hit team.

MM was murdered.
She was deeply involved with JFK and RFK ; and was considered a national security risk by the brothers, and the national security state actors involved in the Castro assassination program.

The third woman is Mary Pinoche Meyer, the Georgetown free-thinking, bomenian flower child former wife of CIA honcho Cord Meyer.
She perhaps was one of the few females that JFK connected with on a cerebral level.
 And relative Peter Janney claims she was murdered by the CIA because she knew too much about the JFK assassination..

The fourth woman is Judy Campbell, the link between JFK and the Mob's Sam Giancana.

But it is the second half of O'Reilly' s fun history that deals with Dallas; and is the dangerous distortion that  misleads, misinforms millions on the JFK murder

O'Reilly travels down the rabbit hole, following Oswald, and concludes that he fired shots in Dealy Plaza and that he was a left-winger, a communist.

There is substantial documentation that Oswald was a CIA contract employee; a double- or triple-agent; and a kid who was deeply involved in the political right-wing groups in New Orleans and Dallas.

Oswald was sent to Russia by the CIA; and likely provided the Soviets with information on the U2 spy plane. He provided this information as a CIA agent because the CIA wanted the U2, flown by Powers, to be shot down in order to sabotage the Ike summit with Khrushchev.

O'Reilly describes Oswald's attempt to get into Cuba, and his trip to Mexico City and the Cuban Embassy.
To O'Reilly, this confirms Oswald's communist bona fides.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

The real story, vividly described by Judyth Baker (in Me and Lee) is that Lee worked with her in New Orleans during the Summer, 1963.
She,Lee, and David Farrie got involved in a CIA financed research project with cancer researchers at Tulane U.
The project took a bizarre turn as they worked on developing a bio-weapon of mice/monkey virus that could be transferred to humans to cause rapid spreading cancer.
Oswald's visit to Mexico City was to deliver this bio-weapon virus to someone who would get it into Cuba, to assassinate Castro.

Judyth Baker is a creditable, important person in the JFK assassination/conspiracy.

She describes how Oswald, this mixed up kid who was controlled by the CIA, actually tried to stop the JFK assassination; and knew he was going to die.

Perhaps the best written, and documented, book to read on the JFK assassination is James Douglass,JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.


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