Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sens. Rubio and Rand Paul..the saviors of the GOP! I say fuhgidabowdit!

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio will give the GOP reponse to the POTUS SOTU speech Tuesday eve.
Rubio is also on the current cover of Time, with the caption describing him as the GOP savior.
That is silly claptrap from a hard copy weekly magazine that will soon join Newsweek, buried in the same parking lot that had the remains of King Richard III.
I will eventually read the Time story.
It will likely claim that Rubio's Cuban background will allow the GOP to gain support in the growing Hispanic community.
And that this good looking young man could be the next GOP POTUS candidate.
Rubio and Rand Paul (who will give the tea party SOTU response) are being touted as two likely GOP POTUS 2016 candidates.
I say fuhgidabowdit! (forget about it, brooklyn style)
And fuhgidabowdit tee shirts are available on line for all you Dems. to wear at Rubio and Rand Paul rallies in 2016.

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