Monday, February 4, 2013

The Superbowl, Beyonce, and the Chowderfest

(Ravens 34, 49ers 31 in a game marked by Beyonce at halftime and a 34-minute power failure. (NYT)) *************** (The power failure that caused a 34-minute delay in the Super Bowl was “an unfortunate moment,” said New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who has called for “a full action report from all parties involved.” The Beyoncebowl gets a thumbs-up from the NYT.) ******************** Has anyone suggested that Beyonce’s half time light show may have caused the power failure? I did watch Beyonce’s show, and I liked it. She was good. It made this 150 yr. old feel like 100 again. Watching her was better than drinking our Saratoga mineral water up here. The actual Superbowl game is history, and good riddance. The NFL should be relegated to a time capsule, and dug up in 200 years. It will provide an excellent sample of our current corporate culture; and how it trivializes what should be important matters. I did take part in Saratoga’s Chowderfest on Saturday; and will give first prize to Hattie’s Chicken Shack’s chowder. And speaking of the Superdome, Superbowl, and the Big Easy, Hattie was a black woman who came up from Louisiana in the 1920ies; and her southern fried chicken is still the best this side of the Mississippi; and even the other side.

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