Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NY hydro-fracking and Obama's decision on the Keystone XL.

(..Environmental groups are taking out a full-page ad in tomorrow’s Des Moines Register urging Cuomo not to approve hydrofracking. It’s an early primary state in 2016, but Cuomo claims he doesn’t care. (Politico/NYO))
And according to Fred Dicker’s unnamed sources, the gas and oil interests that mingle in Albany feel that Gov. Cuomo is an old-line Stalinist communist that is allowing NY at the Pa. border to resemble East Berlin/East Germany before the fall of the wall.
I say fuggedaboutit( New York urban slang for ‘forget about it.)
(I like “fuggedaboutit”. It has the pizazz; the sound of a strong belief without engaging in profanity.)
I don’t agree that running an ad in Iowa displays political smarts…
a waste of money.
The reality however is that Cuomo and Obama have to make two decisions that will have a major long term impact on our environment; climate warming; and the economy.
Cuomo will eventually have to decide on the fracking issue.
He will likely split the difference between the environmentalists and the gas/oil interests.
He may approve some fracking, but not full approval.
Obama soon has to make a decision on the Canadian Alberta tar sands heavy, dirty oil being transported to US refineries via the Keystone XL.
If he approves it, the damage will be long term and severe.

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