Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict is going to retire

Pope Benedict is going to retire ******************************* Why not?? Lifetime tenure is not the norm in the real world. The dilemma for the Cardinals is whether to move a young (50-60 years) Cardinal into the Papacy; and have this man at the helm for 30-40 yrs; or go with an older (70-80 yrs.) Cardinal and have another vote within a a decade. Why not bring the Church into the 21stC, split the difference; and select a Pope with a 10 year contract that could be renewed? The advantage of this agreement is that a female Cardinal could be a contender in 10 yrs. LOL. That possibility is as likely as Leno or Letterman retiring. Could we petition the Supreme Court to have Scalia and Thomas consider following the move of the Pope; give up their lifetime tenure; and retire?

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