Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NY's Assemblyman Hikind's attempt at humor; no better than the Oscar's Seth MacFarlane

(..Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, drew criticism when he donned an Afro wig and black face to dress as a “black basketball player”)
Mr. Dov seems to lack sensitivity.
Perhaps he should spend more time in criticizing the Orthodox community in this district; and the seeming amoral behavior of many of its’ counselors and religious leaders.
I don’t know what point Mr. Dov was trying to make.
Just as an aside, when I was a teenager, a previous life in another century, I was a fairly good rear guard on a park basketball team.
Our team was all white; and we were so good we beat the Rochester James Madison HS all black team.
It may have been the last time in US history when an all white basketball team beat an all black team.
We have come far since that time.
Now, all the basketball teams above high school are all black; and the fans in the stands are all white (well, almost all white), including Jack Nicholson.
Speaking of ‘ol Jack, did you all see him at the Oscars?
He had to submerge his very large ego, forgo opening the envelope for the best picture award; and allow the FLOTUS Michelle to open the envelope.
And was it appropriate for Michelle to do that, linking Hollywood and the WH as perhaps the two haven’t been linked since Reagan or Kennedy?
And did you all see ‘ol Jack Nicholson interrupt George Steph. as he, George, was interviewing Jennifer Lawrence?
Jack interrupted twice, and after putting on his dark glasses, told Jennifer she reminded him of a girl he once dated.
Jack’s pickup line was rather lame.
But he will never change.

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