Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gawker took a creative way of explaining the sequester. and it spot on explanation.

(Gawker took a creative way of explaining the sequester.)

Actually, this is good expanation.
I've long thought the sequestration described the process of securing horses for the winter season.
What do I know?
Maybe the sequester can be made into a board game, similar to Monopoly.
Like Monopoly, the board has sections for all the programs that will be on the chopping block, with section on defense, sub-divided by military bases that will close, aircraft carriers that will not be deployed, and weapons contracts.
The other sections will be the domestic, civilian-type programs that will be cut...Head Start, food stamps, M and M, etc.
The board pieces would be little men wearing tri-corn, tea party hats.
Tea partiers playing would roll the dice, move the little men to sections that would like to see cut.
I imagine most will gravitate to the civilian domestic sections, and allow the defense sections to remain standing.

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