Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The SOTU , Part 1

The SOTU , Part 1

Justice Scalia doesn’t attend the SOTU address, arguing that
it is “frivolous” and meaningless.

It may be one of the few times this writer agrees with this right-winger.

But this writer also did watch it, short of a pizza party
super bowl type occasion.

In spite of the right-wing, and conservative radio yakety yaks
rants, Obama is not a socialist; or even a progressive or populist.

If there was one broad, cosmic theme of this speech, it was
the important link between the private sector and government.

He can best be described as a social capitalist. A believer
in the corporate private sector, but also believing that the corporate sector
produces inequality and distortions.
It is the government that needs to play a role in ameliorating
the private market, capitalist distortions.

He wants to repair our infrastructure; reform our education
to allow the private sector to be able to recruit trained people for the
future; and ameliorate the inequality through programs like a national minimum

There was no talk of nationalizing the corporate sector;
breaking up banks that are too large; or stopping the off shoring of corporate
profits in the Cayman Islands.
Now that would be a progressive or populist agenda.

Obama has about 12 months to achieve some significant laws,
before the 2014 election cyle kicks in.

It does appear that immigration reform and some gun control reforms
will be achievable.

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