Thursday, February 21, 2013

New York United Teacher's lawsuit on property tax cap!

York State United Teachers filed a lawsuit to overturn the state’s
two-percent cap on property taxes. The move was blasted by several
business groups. (TU/BN))
“The issue, as it has been for years, is money. The recession arrived
not long after a ruling by the State Court of Appeals in 2006 and an
agreement by the Legislature and Gov. Eliot Spitzer in 2007 ended a
battle of more than a decade over financing of poor schools, and the
state is $5 billion behind what it pledged to spend, according to the
Campaign for Fiscal Equity, the group that won the court ruling.”
The state still owes billions under the Court of Appeals decision of 2006.
With the property tax cap in place, additional funding must come from the state.
Without knowing the details of the United Teachers brief in its’
lawsuit, hopefully the serious disadvantages of relying on local
property taxes for school funding are detailed.
If so, perhaps the Court can look at the local property tax, and decide it should be eliminated as the source of school funding.

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